Leader Cable - PowerSync4 Line Voltage 1.5mm²

Leader Cable - Powersync 4, Line Voltage, CE/CCC, 1.5 mm²
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Product Overview

Line Voltage Powersync 4 Leader Cable. 4 core 1.5 mm² for use in CE/CCC installations.

Compatible with all Luminaires with Type 73 or 77 connectorized supply cable options.

Supplied fitted with an IP68 connector for pairing with the first connectorized luminaire in a Powersync 4, Line Voltage circuit.

Comes complete with a matching End of Circuit, Powersync 4, Line Voltage, Terminator Plug, LS6417

Not suitable for North America

Suitable for use with
LS9120 Quadralux Q2 Spotlight Facade Luminaire
LS9140 Quadralux Q4 Spotlight Facade Luminaire
LS9160 Quadralux Q6 Spotlight Facade Luminaire
LS9180 Quadralux Q8 Spotlight Facade Luminaire
LS9030 Linealux L3 Linear Facade Luminaire
LS9031 Linealux L3 Lite Linear Facade Luminaire
LS9032 Linealux L3 Foundation Linear Facade Luminaire
LS9050 Linealux L5 Linear Facade Luminaire
LS3150 Terraluz TE5 Linear Facade Inground Luminaire


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Cable Length

1.5mm² cable supplied with an IP68 connector to pair with the first luminaire in a circuit.


3 m / 10 ft (010)

3 m (10 ft) leader cable

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10m (33 ft) (032)

15m / 50 ft (050)