The 'Smart Power' for LED Luminaires

PowerSyncTM technology combines the convenience of standard wiring methods with the power of high-speed, digital-dimming. It translates control signal data into a digital format that can be transmitted over standard copper wire allowing highly granular addressing and control of every luminaire, using a single cable. Available in mains voltage and low voltage, the PowerSyncTM Data Injector accepts a growing list of standard protocols (0-10V, DMX/RDM), for simple integration with new and existing control systems.

Power & Data in One Cable

With PowerSyncTM, the deployment of complicated lighting control infrastructure becomes outdated. A single cable attached to the luminaire is all that is needed – the PowerSyncTM Data Injector on the circuit does the rest.

The luminaires run on a standard line voltage circuit (120-277 V), allowing maximum run lengths with minimal voltage drop. A fourth core in the luminaire cable carries the PowerSyncTM signal.

Using PowerSyncTM technology, each luminaire can be accessed remotely, and addressed individually for DMX/RDM control. Group control using standard protocols like 0-10V and phase dimming is also supported. PowerSyncTM provides a transparent link between an increasing number of standard protocols and the luminaire. Up to 45 PowerSyncTM-enabled units can be supported from a single Data Injector with a maximum branch circuit length of 492 feet (150m).

Reduced Installation & Maintenance Costs

When it comes to installation and maintenance, PowerSyncTM offers significant cost savings over other technologies:

  • No separate control infrastructure; 4-core PowerSyncTM cable is all that is needed. 

  • Up to 45 luminaires across a 150m circuit with minimal voltage drop considerations.

  • Easy integration into existing systems through the use of standard protocols.

  • Universal Power Input (120-277 V) allows deployment anywhere in the world.

  • Total luminaire control increases luminaire efficacy and reduces power consumption.

  • Smart luminaire management leads to better product reliability and longer service life.

LS6540 PowerSyncTM Data Injector

Converts standard protocols like 0-10V, DMX/RDM into PowerSyncTM data for total luminaire control via a single, copper wire. That equals full control without the cable mess.


LS6540 Deep Etched.png