Coles Fountain, Parliament Gardens

Establishing an icon in a prominent Melbourne Park

Parliament Gardens is a pleasant respite located in the heart of Melbourne. With views of Parliament House, Eastern Hill and the beautiful St Patrick’s Cathedral, the garden attracts thousands of visitors each day.

Central to the design of the gardens is the Coles Fountain, with its cascading water providing a calm contrast to the backdrop of busy streets, and it’s ‘C’ shaped design allowing visitors to walk amongst the water. The fountain’s stainless-steel tubing frame on bluestone paving is a striking counterpoint to its historical garden setting.

As per the client’s brief, the architectural lighting solution needed to elicit an emotional response in those who viewed the fountain.

An array of Lumascape LS393LED inground luminaires have been installed around the fountain, creating a continuous ‘curtain like’ effect, and providing a subtle aesthetic enhancement to the overall structure.

The LS393LED is a compact inground option featuring a 6W LED module with output similar to a 50W MR16. With options for line voltage input and dimming via Lumascape d5 driver technology, this inherently protected, compact luminaire is suitable for use in many locations where MR16-based luminaires cannot be used due to heat. Internal rotation and tilt adjustability ensures the most efficient light delivery can be set according to the site conditions.