Lumascape illuminates monument at Google

Google. A multinational tech giant and a household name. From online advertising and search, to cloud computing, the company is founded upon a belief that in order to be successful, you must be prepared to challenge the status quo – to break through boundaries.

The architecture at their California offices reflect this philosophy, and they required a lighting provider which operated comparably.

With a unique canvas, the lighting designer briefed a simple, yet high-performance solution that efficiently illuminated each individual component of the structure, whilst minimising glare.

To match this, Lumascape selected the inground LS853LED, a shallow-depth inground luminaire ideal for applications which require a low-profile design that washes the architecture without appearing to overpower it.

Selected for their superior performance, longevity, controllability, and unique features, Lumascape’s inground lighting solution manages to effectively convert the large entry monument into a captivating beacon.