A gathering space for revolutionary architecture

Archifest is an annual public architecture festival organised by the Singapore Institute of Architects.

The temporary RGB Pavilion was a physical manifestation of the spirit of Archifest, and was designed as a celebration of ideas and the centrepiece venue of the festival.

Designed by DP Architects, the RGB pavilion was not only temporal, but built on zero-waste and made of construction materials.

The lighting had to reflect the purpose of the building – comfortable, unique and a multi-sensorial experience of the city to be enjoyed by everyone.

The theme of the festival was ‘exhale’, and using innovative lighting, the project explored compression and expansion, in the same way as lungs work.

Quadralux RGBW façade luminaires were used to create the lighting effects for the project, including a moving red wash and multicolour light sequence that dances and flows between the coloured architectural divisions.