35 W max MR16 IRC (GU5.3) 
IP RatingIP68
Construction316 marine grade stainless steel
Installation Types

Pre-Installation Blockout
Concrete pour, drive over & general use applications

Pre-Installation Collar
Decks & grates

Direct Burial
Landscapes, planters & special applications
(consult factory)


With OptiClear™ lens and pre-installation
blockout (LS647-K)

Static Load Rating

3750 kg (8267 lb) with OptiClear™ lens and
pre-installation blockout (LS647-K)
(Load applied to center of glass across 50mm (2") dia. area)

Impact RatingIK9 when using OptiClear™ lens
Standard Inclusions

Teflon coated cover screws

MicroAntiLeach™ cable entry

Internal hexcell louvre

Ambient Operating    

-20 °C to 40 °C   (-4 °F to 104 °F)

PhotometricsRefer to the Photometric Files page
Glass Temperature

≤65 °C (≤149 °F) HumanTouch™ compliant

Any luminaire can become hot - take care with appropriate use and placement GripGlass OptionalHumanTouchMicroAntileachOptiClear Optional